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Nasser Road The Great street of printing

Many people know Kampala’s Nasser Road Street as a one-stop center for all kinds of printing services – including forged credentials. These documents are one way to access different opportunities in Uganda. Nasser, as this busy street in Uganda’s capital is known, is famous for its cheap printing services. Clients can order calendars, posters, badges, cards, t-shirts, uniforms and school handouts. These clients come from different places of Uganda and some are from neighboring countries like Congo among others. These clients enter for cheap good services and leave the many print shops of Nasser as they please, clutching their bags of printed items.

photo by Edna Namara, GPJ Uganda

Nasser Road is also a getting many youth employed especially in this electoral season because many electoral candidates will need to print out posters for the outgoing 2021 elections. Besides, its a Back To School season and many parents are in need of different scholastic materials available at Nasser Road and because of this, many people will get jobs and get money thus reducing on the high level of unemployment to the youth in Uganda.

Nasser Road employs many youth in Kampala and the number is expected to grow in this season due to the high demand of services needed.

Article by:

Ashunter Lubega

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